GoTo is the premier provider of flexible-work software designed to easily help you connect with customers and colleagues. 

The GoTo mobile app offers a simple, secure and fully integrated phone, messaging, meeting, training and webinar solution that’s ideal for communication and collaboration anytime, anywhere.

On top of that, get more ways to meet your customers' rising expectations with our multi-channel inbox communication capability through SMS, Webchat and Social Media channels, all in one place.

Simple business communication:
- Work from anywhere and stay connected with your customers and colleagues
- Use your personal device without compromising your private phone number
- Consolidate all your voice, messaging and video communications in one app
- Take advantage of HD Audio and Video Quality in all your communications
- Control all your meetings through Business Calendar Integration & Meeting Reminders

Empower your business:
- Control what business number your customers see by switching between multiple business numbers through the Caller ID Swap feature
- Make sure your customers receive calls from numbers they know by enabling Call Back with the original caller ID
- Fully manage the behaviour of an incoming call through Find Me Follow Me
- Never miss a call with Instant Response, allowing you to automatically send a text message to calls you could not answer
- Switch to your PSTN cellular phone number if you’re in a remote area where data coverage is poor
- Retrieve and merge your device’s local contacts with your company’s contacts

Engage with your customers:
- Never miss a message through Inbox, where your SMS, social, surveys, and web chat conversations are all in one place
- Assign, unassign and resolve conversations on the go directly from GoTo mobile
- Control your customer communication by initiating conversations with them

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