Temp 2nd Number - Receive SMS

Temp 2nd Number - Receive SMS

 A simple way to receive SMS messages for a second virtual number.

Need a Mobile Number to Create Accounts Online or QA tests? We offer disposable, good-for-20 minutes-only mobile phone numbers to receive SMS verification codes online.

Temp Number provides a real SIM-cards disposable number that can receive messages globally from anywhere in the world, even if the sender is in a different country.

We understand that keeping your number private is crucial. That's why we've made it easy for you to register with many sites without revealing your real number.

Main features :
- Receive SMS online
- Instant 2nd number
- Real SIM-cards only
- Never VoIP
- Worldwide coverage
- Easy accounts verification
- Protect your real number

How to use:

Step 1:
Enter the country and name of the service you need. If there is no service in the list, then choose the “any other” option.

Step 2:
After selecting country and service, you will see the price per SMS and can get the number ( in case you have no balance, you should add some fund)

Step 3:
Copy the number and paste it on the service, website, or app you have selected.

Step 4:
Wait patiently to obtain the verification code. You will have up to 20 minutes to get the SMS. If no message is received, we’ll make a full refund within an hour. You don’t pay if there is no message received!

Payments :
- The service is paid and not free. We are using real SIM-cards only and not cheap virtual VoIP numbers.
- The price is per successful verification and may vary depending on the service and country chosen.
- All numbers are temporary (disposable) numbers and self-destructed after 20 minutes. Please do not use it if you’ll need it for a long time

Terms of Use : https://temp-number.org/app/terms-of-service
Privacy policy : https://temp-number.org/app/privacy-policy

Contact us : [email protected]
Visit us : https://temp-number.org